Anyone that knows me will also know that I’m a little bit obsessed with a musician called Newton Faulkner. I’ve seen him live about 8 or 9 times so far and I really don’t get tired of him or his music. Two albums so far with another on the way, if there was anyone I wish I could play like it would be him. About six months ago I sat down at learnt a couple of bits off of his albums and put them on YouTube. There is still a lot of room for improvement but I’m pretty proud of how they’ve gone so far.

Here is me covering the “Intro” track on Newton’s first album “Handbuilt by Robots”, it’s the extended verson (the one he plays live at his gigs):


And this is me covering the “Intro” track from his second album “Rebuilt by Humans”:


There is a track on the “Rebuilt by Humans” album called “I’m not giving up yet”, it’s about how he looks at the world and sees all of it’s troubles & problems but still believes there is good out there, and for that reason alone, well, I think you can guess from the title of the track…it’s a great song and one that I wouldn’t be able to do justice too vocally, here is my cover of it, sans vocals:


As I say they’re not brilliant, but I’ve seen far worse on YouTube too, let me know your thoughts and if you have your own versions of these post a link, I’d love to see them.

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