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First heard “Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us” on an episode of House. The guy is a genius. Really want to see him live.

Like Eating Glass

Me playing one of my favourite Bloc Party songs, “Like Eating Glass”. It was my first attempt so I hope you can forgive the couple of mistakes in there…I make no apologies for the singing voice, I’m aware it’s not great :)

One to Watch 2012 – Of Monsters and Men

This indie-folk-rock-pop group from Iceland have been making lots of waves on these shores recently. I heard the track “Little Talks” on Dev’s early morning show on BBC Radio 1 a month or two ago and have been in love with them ever since. They’ve been around for a while (“Little Talks” was officially released in August last year, but had been around since at least 2010) but have only gained notoriety more recently. An EP has been released, they’ve already sold out the Electric Ballroom next week and with the album due out on the 27th August the next month or so is going to be a big one for them.

Some Day Soon

After moving to Los Angeles and starting his new life originally as a Screenwriter, Alexi Murdoch became an overnight success with his track “Orange Sky” when it appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including “The OC” and Zach Braff’s “Garden State”, his debut album “Time Without Consequence” was a joy to behold, with the aforementioned “Orange Sky”, “Blue Mind” and “All My Days” being real stand-out tracks for myself. Everything seemed to go quiet for a while (Alexi doesn’t seem to do a lot of self-promotion, and keeps himself to himself), but after a few years the “difficult second” album appeared, and although slightly shorter than his debut, this only concentrated the quality of the record further.

I tried for years to get tickets to see him in my native England, some obstacle always standing in my way. Finally, in November last year, I got to see Alexi play at the Union Chapel in Islington, probably my favourite venue in the whole of London. He was exceptional. He played a lot of experimental stuff, but the stand out track was “Some Day Soon”, taken from the second LP.

I hope it isn’t too long before we hear from Mr Murdoch again, but until that time I’ll have to comfort myself with visiting YouTube once in a while to find little nuggets of gold, like the one below.

Been playing around with this for a while, it’s such a great song, from the long intro (you’ll have to listen to the album version to appreciate it) to the song itself, it never fails to put a smile on my face when I listen to it, and makes me immediately think of a gorgeous summer evening.

Anyway, here’s a quickly-rushed recording of me messing around with the different sections of the song, I’ll attempt it properly soon. Please ignore the singing too, I know I’m pants, I just had the sudden urge to wail along.

Whitney Houston – R.I.P.

Woke up to hear the news that Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48 – it’s no age to go. The media will no doubt focus on the troubles that have dogged her in her late life, other’s will define her as a role model. To me she was just an exceptional talent who did some great things, but also made some bad choices in life. It doesn’t make her a bad person. A lot of people look down on addiction but to me it’s a form of mental illness and should be respected as such.

R.I.P. Whitney


[Edit] Just seen a link to this on Twitter too – Whitney’s isolated vocals on “How Will I Know”, a perfect demonstration of her talents.

[Edit again] Here is an article that sums up the public in general around events such as this. Couldn’t agree with it more if I tried.

One to Watch in 2012 – Matt Corby

I got put onto this guy by my sister’s boyfriend – they’re currently in Oz together travelling, heard him on the radio out there, and he knows I’m into this kind of thing so recommended it. Turns out he was on Australian Idol about five years ago when he was 16. He didn’t win, but that looks like a blessing disguise – he has a much rawer sound than being part of the Syco machine would have allowed. His voice is gorgeous – very Jeff Buckley-esque, which is never a bad thing.

Yesterday he announced a gig in London, 7 quid a ticket, and it sold out in hours. Releasing tickets for another one today, that sold out in 10 minutes! Give the song below a listen, and if you like it try and get hold of his back catalogue, you won’t be disappointed.

How cool is this?

Ben Howard’s latest artwork for his single “The Wolves”. Complete head-fuck, but simple and effective.

Ben Howard - "The Wolves"

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

Ed Sheeran – “+” out tomorrow

Another “One2Watch” in 2011 (although not documented by this blog), Ed Sheeran has been an up-and-coming talent for a couple of years now, and his first official single “A team” launched the Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter-rapper to newly-found (and more than deserved) stardom. Everyone seems to want to work with him at the moment, and there is a reason – he is an extremely talented young man. View full article »

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

Following on from our previous article (albeit a few months ago), I thought I’d like to mention that Ben Howard’s debut album, “Every Kingdom” is released on the 9th October 2011. It has already produced the singles “The Wolves” and “Keep Your Head Up”, and will no doubt produce more singles in the coming months! I saw him live a couple of months ago and I haven’t honestly seen that kind of atmosphere or energy at a gig since a young ginger, dread-locked guy called Newton Faulkner rocked up on the scene a few years ago, and anyone that knows me know that if I hold someone in the same regard as him then they’ve got to be good. View full article »