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Best Man Speech!

At the weekend I, along with my mate Tony had the honour of being Best Men at our friend Trev’s wedding to his wife Hannah. To say it has been stressful is an understatement (we’ve been tearing our hair out while the Groom’s been as calm as anything). The Stag appeared to be a success (it was one of the best weekends of my life, with a great circle of friends). One of the most stressful aspects of being a Best Man (in my case at least) was the speech. It was the part Tony and I were dreading the most, both writing and standing up to perform it. Other than a severe case of nerves (to the point where both of us were shaking throughout performing it), it seemed to be received well, and we even got a few laughs. Here it is in all it’s splendour.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Before we continue, we would like to point out to those who may be feeling the effects of the alcohol already that you are not seeing double and there are actually two best men standing here. For those of you who don’t know us I’m Tony…and I’m Tom and we are both good friends of Trev’s from senior school.

We’ve both been quite nervous in the lead up to this moment, in fact the last time either of us felt this worried we were travelling in Trev’s car and he started to skip through his collection of Drum & Bass anthems, if you can call them that. The problem was we’d both forgotten our ear plugs and Trev was in the mood to sing. Hopefully we won’t be hearing any of that later, but just in case…


We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has made it here today; we know a lot of you have travelled a long way to be here, which just goes to show the lengths some people will go to, to get a free meal.


It’s our duty, on behalf of the bridesmaids Rachel, Emma and Rachel to thank Trevor for his kind words. We have to say they all look wonderful and have done a brilliant job helping Hannah, who looks amazing we’re sure you’ll agree, to get ready for her special day.

It’s always customary to give the Groom a bit of a roasting with an embarrassing story or two, but with Trev it’s near impossible. While on occasion there has been mayhem going on around him, it always seems the embarrassing stories being played out are to be written into someone else’s best man speech. While chaos reigns around him Trev will be in the background somewhere, happily continuing with whatever he is doing, nothing affecting or fazing him at all.

Trev’s more common traits are on the football pitch, where he has a turning circle that rivals a small ocean-liner, and he has the ability to annoy even the calmest of teammates by shooting from wherever he is on the pitch when he receives the ball. On the golf course he’s been known to make up his own rules and use buggies as off-road rally karts, and on the bowling lane he is only there to win, regardless of the opposition, even if he’s there on a first date and trying to impress a young lady. We think Hannah knows what we’re talking about…


Three strikes on your first three goes wasn’t it Trev? Was that before or after Hannah threw a ball into the next lane? And they say chivalry’s dead!

We know some things are frowned upon in a best man’s speech, especially the Groom’s lovelife, but such a history with international models was difficult to leave out. Trev’s first love had many attributes; Italian, petite, fine curves as well as rumoured to have been involved with a Formula 1 legend, to name a few. All good memories of Trev’s first car, his little yellow Fiat Seicento, Michael Schumacher sporting edition.

At this stage of the speech it’s usually tradition for the best man, or in this case men, to impart some words of advice to the Groom, but seeing as though he’s the one getting married and we’re both single, that doesn’t seem quite right somehow. But tradition is tradition, so we thought we’d keep it short and to the point…


Don’t mess it up!

In a couple of days’ time Trev and Hannah are off on their honeymoon – a road trip down the East Coast of America. When you think about it, a road trip is a pretty apt way to describe a marriage; there’ll be a few near misses, you’ll do some amazing things and see some amazing sights, but most importantly you’re having the time of your life with the one person you couldn’t imagine doing it without. So if we could ask you all to raise your glasses, we’d like to propose a toast, to Trev and Hannah.

Some Day Soon

After moving to Los Angeles and starting his new life originally as a Screenwriter, Alexi Murdoch became an overnight success with his track “Orange Sky” when it appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including “The OC” and Zach Braff’s “Garden State”, his debut album “Time Without Consequence” was a joy to behold, with the aforementioned “Orange Sky”, “Blue Mind” and “All My Days” being real stand-out tracks for myself. Everything seemed to go quiet for a while (Alexi doesn’t seem to do a lot of self-promotion, and keeps himself to himself), but after a few years the “difficult second” album appeared, and although slightly shorter than his debut, this only concentrated the quality of the record further.

I tried for years to get tickets to see him in my native England, some obstacle always standing in my way. Finally, in November last year, I got to see Alexi play at the Union Chapel in Islington, probably my favourite venue in the whole of London. He was exceptional. He played a lot of experimental stuff, but the stand out track was “Some Day Soon”, taken from the second LP.

I hope it isn’t too long before we hear from Mr Murdoch again, but until that time I’ll have to comfort myself with visiting YouTube once in a while to find little nuggets of gold, like the one below.

Whitney Houston – R.I.P.

Woke up to hear the news that Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48 – it’s no age to go. The media will no doubt focus on the troubles that have dogged her in her late life, other’s will define her as a role model. To me she was just an exceptional talent who did some great things, but also made some bad choices in life. It doesn’t make her a bad person. A lot of people look down on addiction but to me it’s a form of mental illness and should be respected as such.

R.I.P. Whitney


[Edit] Just seen a link to this on Twitter too – Whitney’s isolated vocals on “How Will I Know”, a perfect demonstration of her talents.

[Edit again] Here is an article that sums up the public in general around events such as this. Couldn’t agree with it more if I tried.

How cool is this?

Ben Howard’s latest artwork for his single “The Wolves”. Complete head-fuck, but simple and effective.

Ben Howard - "The Wolves"

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

Earlier this year I got injured pretty innocuously while playing football – the ball got played over the top of the opposition defence, I was through on goal with only the on-rushing keeper to beat. The ball bouncing quite high and I stretched my leg as high into the air as high possible (ie not very high at all), failing to make contact with it as the keeper took an easy catch.  I then planted my foot, with my leg completely straight and my momentum taking me forward. My knee was pushed inversely – with my leg trying to bend in the opposite way it was meant to. I’d hyper-extended it. I knew straight away something was wrong, subbed myself and haven’t played since. Initial diagnosis was that I had torn my meniscus (the cartiliage in my knee), however after taking part in physiotherapy this was not the case. View full article »

One to Watch 2011 – Ben Howard

A few weeks ago I came across a surfer-guitarist from Cornwall called Ben Howard (sadly I first heard him on Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1 show). Quickly, I got a little bit obssessed by him and tried to get hold of any of his work that I could. Coincidentally he also announced an upcoming show in London, so I have bought to see him at the Tabernacle in London in a few weeks time. I believe he’s got an album due out in later on this year, and if his EPs are anything to go by you must get it. To whet your appetite there is also a free live EP available by following the instructions here View full article »

Well here goes…

Hello, ** in my best game-show voice** and welcome to my blog. I can’t promise to talk sense, be unbiased or even funny, but I’ll do my best. Hope you like what you read, tell me if you do and even if you don’t! I’ll try to put something up on here at least once a week, time permitting. View full article »