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One to Watch in 2012 – Matt Corby

I got put onto this guy by my sister’s boyfriend – they’re currently in Oz together travelling, heard him on the radio out there, and he knows I’m into this kind of thing so recommended it. Turns out he was on Australian Idol about five years ago when he was 16. He didn’t win, but that looks like a blessing disguise – he has a much rawer sound than being part of the Syco machine would have allowed. His voice is gorgeous – very Jeff Buckley-esque, which is never a bad thing.

Yesterday he announced a gig in London, 7 quid a ticket, and it sold out in hours. Releasing tickets for another one today, that sold out in 10 minutes! Give the song below a listen, and if you like it try and get hold of his back catalogue, you won’t be disappointed.

How cool is this?

Ben Howard’s latest artwork for his single “The Wolves”. Complete head-fuck, but simple and effective.

Ben Howard - "The Wolves"

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

Earlier this year I got injured pretty innocuously while playing football – the ball got played over the top of the opposition defence, I was through on goal with only the on-rushing keeper to beat. The ball bouncing quite high and I stretched my leg as high into the air as high possible (ie not very high at all), failing to make contact with it as the keeper took an easy catch. ¬†I then planted my foot, with my leg completely straight and my momentum taking me forward. My knee was pushed inversely – with my leg trying to bend in the opposite way it was meant to. I’d hyper-extended it. I knew straight away something was wrong, subbed myself and haven’t played since. Initial diagnosis was that I had torn my meniscus (the cartiliage in my knee), however after taking part in physiotherapy this was not the case. View full article »

Ed Sheeran – “+” out tomorrow

Another “One2Watch” in 2011 (although not documented by this blog), Ed Sheeran has been an up-and-coming talent for a couple of years now, and his first official single “A team” launched the Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter-rapper to newly-found (and more than deserved) stardom. Everyone seems to want to work with him at the moment, and there is a reason – he is an extremely talented young man. View full article »

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

Following on from our previous article (albeit a few months ago), I thought I’d like to mention that Ben Howard’s debut album, “Every Kingdom” is released on the 9th October 2011. It has already produced the singles “The Wolves” and “Keep Your Head Up”, and will no doubt produce more singles in the coming months! I saw him live a couple of months ago and I haven’t honestly seen that kind of atmosphere or energy at a gig since a young ginger, dread-locked guy called Newton Faulkner rocked up on the scene a few years ago, and anyone that knows me know that if I hold someone in the same regard as him then they’ve got to be good. View full article »

One to Watch 2011 – Ben Howard

A few weeks ago I came across a surfer-guitarist from Cornwall called Ben Howard (sadly I first heard him on Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1 show). Quickly, I got a little bit obssessed by him and tried to get hold of any of his work that I could. Coincidentally he also announced an upcoming show in London, so I have bought to see him at the Tabernacle in London in a few weeks time. I believe he’s got an album due out in later on this year, and if his EPs are anything to go by you must get it. To whet your appetite there is also a free live EP available by following the instructions¬†here View full article »

Trying to impersonate a guitarist

Anyone that knows me will also know that I’m a little bit obsessed with a musician called Newton Faulkner. I’ve seen him live about 8 or 9 times so far and I really don’t get tired of him or his music. Two albums so far with another on the way, if there was anyone I wish I could play like it would be him. About six months ago I sat down at learnt a couple of bits off of his albums and put them on YouTube. There is still a lot of room for improvement but I’m pretty proud of how they’ve gone so far. View full article »

A little taste of India

So, in a drunken stupor on Friday evening I invited a few friends around to watch the Champions League final the following night. “I’ll even cook a couple of curries” I said, not knowing what I was letting myself in for. The realisation dawned on me the following morning – I’d only attempted a curry from scratch once before (a Chicken Rogan-Josh) and although it had gone well, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off, but went ahead anyway. View full article »

Well here goes…

Hello, ** in my best game-show voice** and welcome to my blog. I can’t promise to talk sense, be unbiased or even funny, but I’ll do my best. Hope you like what you read, tell me if you do and even if you don’t! I’ll try to put something up on here at least once a week, time permitting. View full article »