After moving to Los Angeles and starting his new life originally as a Screenwriter, Alexi Murdoch became an overnight success with his track “Orange Sky” when it appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including “The OC” and Zach Braff’s “Garden State”, his debut album “Time Without Consequence” was a joy to behold, with the aforementioned “Orange Sky”, “Blue Mind” and “All My Days” being real stand-out tracks for myself. Everything seemed to go quiet for a while (Alexi doesn’t seem to do a lot of self-promotion, and keeps himself to himself), but after a few years the “difficult second” album appeared, and although slightly shorter than his debut, this only concentrated the quality of the record further.

I tried for years to get tickets to see him in my native England, some obstacle always standing in my way. Finally, in November last year, I got to see Alexi play at the Union Chapel in Islington, probably my favourite venue in the whole of London. He was exceptional. He played a lot of experimental stuff, but the stand out track was “Some Day Soon”, taken from the second LP.

I hope it isn’t too long before we hear from Mr Murdoch again, but until that time I’ll have to comfort myself with visiting YouTube once in a while to find little nuggets of gold, like the one below.