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One to Watch 2012 – Of Monsters and Men

This indie-folk-rock-pop group from Iceland have been making lots of waves on these shores recently. I heard the track “Little Talks” on Dev’s early morning show on BBC Radio 1 a month or two ago and have been in love with them ever since. They’ve been around for a while (“Little Talks” was officially released in August last year, but had been around since at least 2010) but have only gained notoriety more recently. An EP has been released, they’ve already sold out the Electric Ballroom next week and with the album due out on the 27th August the next month or so is going to be a big one for them.

One to Watch in 2012 – Matt Corby

I got put onto this guy by my sister’s boyfriend – they’re currently in Oz together travelling, heard him on the radio out there, and he knows I’m into this kind of thing so recommended it. Turns out he was on Australian Idol about five years ago when he was 16. He didn’t win, but that looks like a blessing disguise – he has a much rawer sound than being part of the Syco machine would have allowed. His voice is gorgeous – very Jeff Buckley-esque, which is never a bad thing.

Yesterday he announced a gig in London, 7 quid a ticket, and it sold out in hours. Releasing tickets for another one today, that sold out in 10 minutes! Give the song below a listen, and if you like it try and get hold of his back catalogue, you won’t be disappointed.